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MHYF Vice-President Nominees

Hello, I’m Brian Moore from Windsor Colorado.  I’d like to introduce myself to the MHBA members.  I’ve been nominated for MHYF Vice President.

I grew up on a dairy farm near Osage Iowa. Farming in Iowa in the late 70’s and 80’s was rough. So I went to college, became a teacher and never thought I would ever be involved with livestock again. Fast forward about 20 years ago my family, wife Vickie, son Nolan and daughter Kate were walking through the barn on the hill at the NWSS and fell in love with the Mini’s and I told myself, I can raise and enjoy these animals. In 2015 we bought two cow calf pairs and never looked back.

Kids are the future of the breed, if chosen, it will be a fantastic opportunity to give back to the youth foundation.

Hi, my name is Diane Jex.  I live in Elbert, CO with my husband, Brian.  We have two grown children and four grandchildren.  Our daughter Shelly is married to Steve McIntyre and lives ½ mile from us (McIntyre Cattle Company).  Our son Tracy is married to Leah and lives in Columbia, MO.  Our grandson, Ryan lives and works in financial management/planning in Aurora, CO and our oldest granddaughter, Taryn is a Junior at CU Boulder this year.  The two younger granddaughters, Lindley (13) and Eliza (11) are in middle school in Columbia, MO.   In December 2018 I retired from HP, where I held management positions for 21 years in HR Systems, Global Benefits Operations and Employee Mobility.  My hobbies include gardening, baking, reading, and DIY projects. 

Our Miniature Hereford story began a little over 10 years ago on our one-acre faux farm in Nunn, CO with a fiberglass cow that we bought from the Denver Art Cow Parade.  Fast forward to today and we own and operate Bent Nail Farm on just under 140 acres of prairie grass where we raise 30+ Miniature Herefords, two old horses, two fainting goats, a llama (that came with the property) and chickens.  

We began raising Miniature Herefords with the objective of providing beef for our family, which we have been able to do and then some.  As our herd has grown and we have become more involved with MHBA, we have slowly gotten more into the showing world with our granddaughters.  Never in my wildest dreams as a young adult or middle-aged person did I image that in my later years I would live in the country and be washing, combing/brushing, trimming and fitting cattle!!  The things we do for our children and grandchildren.

I look forward to continuing the Jex family “Mini” journey and promoting the Miniature Hereford breed through our support of MHBA and MHYF. 

My name is Billy Scott and I live in Lubbock, Texas where I work in commercial construction.  I was raised on a family hobby farm in New Mexico and spent many years showing livestock in 4-H and FFA.  We now raise about 25 club cows, 15 recips and several Miniature Herefords.  I have two adult children, Aubrey and Zane who grew up showing livestock and my youngest, Journi, is still showing cattle.  She started showing minis when she was three so that she could be like her big brother and sister.  Journi shows Miniature Herefords in 4-H and also shows full-sized cattle. 

               We have traveled many miles through lots of states making memories with our Miniature Herefords.  We have downsized our herd, but we still love our Minis and they will always have a special spot in our hearts.  We are now paying it forward for the new kids coming up. 

               I have decided to run for Vice President of the MHYF to help grow the organization for the kids and those growing into the breed.  I feel the MHBA and MHYF have been doing at great job, but it is important for others to step up and help make the organization even better.  I want to see the organization re-energized and working together to become stronger, growing the breed and making things better for our kids.  I want to work with all audiences to come together for the common cause of moving this breed in a positive direction and making sure Minis are a big deal. 

               I am a single dad, have a hobby cattle farm, run a commercial construction company and we show pretty hard.  I am as busy as everyone else, but I choose to accept the challenge to help make a difference in the MHYF. 

Bill Scott

Lubbock, TX

Contact info: 
email: billscott_texas@yahoo.com

MHYF Board Member Spotlight

MHYF Secretary
January Stout

   Hello, My name is January Stout and I have worked with Miniature Herefords for most       of my life. I have been going to the NWSS in Denver, Colorado with my uncle and his       Miniature Herefords, J Bar W Cattle Co, since I was a young girl. Always helping in the     background, I enjoyed it so very much. In 2013 he asked me to travel with them to the      shows and later asked me to be more a part of the program and day to day. Of course I    said YES and have never looked back. I stated my actual show career in the ring in          2014 at the Iowa State Fair. I spend the majority of my free time working with our               family's cattle and now even have a place of my own where I can keep some on my         property! On a personal note, I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and have been married to my             husband Tyler for 5 years and we have a 7 month old daughter whom I hope to raise to    love the Miniature Herefords as much as I do! I hope to be able to assist the MHYF as      the secretary and continue to grow the wonderful foundation for our juniors!



MHYF Vice-President
Dave Pence

Hello, my name is Dave Pence. I am the owner of Rafter P Ranch Miniature Herefords and principle of the structural engineering consulting firm, Pence Engineering, LLC . My wife, Mikaila, and I live in the beautiful and diverse area of southern Colorado called the San Luis Valley. Although my wife and I are office professionals by training, we are enjoying the challenges and rewards of "hobby" ranching. Our ranch's mission is to provide our family, friends, and neighbors with the same high quality ranch beef we stock in our freezer while maintaining top genetics for success in the show ring. And while you'll find my wife and I bundled up on those cold mornings to feed and down on our knees combing and spraying on show day, it's never to the exclusion of our children at the lead because our top focus is to assure that they earn the pride, confidence, respect, and work ethic that come with raising and showing these wonderful animals. I am enjoying the opportunity to support youth beyond my own kids through the MHYF and I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming shows!

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The sale of the 2022 calendars is the fundraiser for the scholarships that will be presented to the 2023 Scholarship awardees. This is the only fundraiser that the Scholarship committee holds annually.  It is important for our youth to have funds available to help assist them with their future goals of higher education.

The Scholarship Committee is also continuing the advertisement sales for the 2022 calendar so please contact someone on the committee for more information!

Alyssa DuVal- Director of Scholarships, duval.alyssa3@gmail.com
Sheryl Erickson- Scholarship Committee, sjerickson@nvc.net
Andrea Trapp- Scholarship Committee, trappedintimeminiherefords@gmail.com

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MHYF News Page

We cannot always build the future for our youth,
 but we can build our youth for the future.
 - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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The Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc. was established to promote youth involvement in the breeding, management, showing, and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle through developing leadership skills and educational programs, encouraging personal growth, as well as providing a pathway towards attaining grants to continue to promote Miniature Hereford breeding programs and awarding scholarships.

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