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Breeder - the recorded owner of the dam at the time of service

Bred and Owned - an animal in which the breeder and owners name are the same on the animals AHA registration papers

Champion - the title placed on the animal winning a certain division of a Miniature Hereford show. (Example: Champion Senior Bull, Champion Jr. Heifer Calf etc.) These cattle must have won first in their respective class and also must have won first in their class division

Continuous Owner - the recorded owner of the animal without history of transfer

Co-owner - a person who owns something jointly with another person equally

Frame Score -  a method of categorizing the skeletal size of cattle

First Owner - the recorded owner of the dam at the time the calf is born

Grand Champion - the winner of all division class winners for a Miniature Hereford show. (Example: Grand Champion Female- top female from all female division champions). The Grand Champion animal must have been awarded a Division Championship and then placed first in the Grand Champion drive

Heifer - a young female cow that has not borne a calf

Market Steer(s) - male cattle that have been castrated and are over one(1) year of age, but do not exceed two(2) years of age

Member in Good Standing - a membership that has been paid in full without lapse for a period of at least three consecutive years

MHBA Sanctioned - shows are Miniature Hereford shows that the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association recognizes as an official Miniature Hereford Breed Show. These shows are expected to adhere to all MHBA rules and policies.

Miniature Hereford - a purebred breed of hardy red-coated beef cattle of English/British origin with white faces and white markings that do not exceed 45" at the hip for females at maturity (3 years old) or 48" at the hip on bulls and steers at maturity (3 years old)

Prospect Steer(s) - male cattle that have been castrated and are one (1) year old or less

Sponsored Show - a MHBA sanctioned show that is provided a designated amount of funding to assist in the purchasing of awards and premium moneys

Steer(s) - castrated male cattle intended for slaughter

Superintendent - a person who manages or organizes a specific show


Proudly serving the Miniature Hereford Breed since 2001.

The Miniature Hereford Breeders Association is a 501(c)(6) organization.

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