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Entries extended until May 25th!!!
MHJN Entries Here

Late Entries Accepted May 16- June 1st

Note: Late entries are at a highter rate

Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals Entries are online this year!

2022 MHJN Class List.pdf

MHBA/MHYF 2022 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals

“The Return of the Minis”

June 21-25, 2022
Duncan, OK

Tentative Schedule- Exact times and dates will be posted on the website as well as emailed to all MHJN exhibitors.  We have many new things that will be added to this schedule so be sure to watch as the list grows!!!

Monday, June 20, 2022
2PM- Early arrival Tie-Outs only

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
6 AM    Barns Open
7 AM    Exhibitor and Contest Check-in
10 AM   Cattle In Place
10-12    Cattle Weights/Measures
12-1      Lunch Break
1-2 PM  Check in of Arts, Educational Display & Silent Auction items
2-4PM   Communication Contest- Part A
4 PM     Cow Costume Contest
6PM      Opening Ceremonies & Pizza party 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022         
7:30       All Cattle in Barn
8 AM      Required Exhibitor Meeting (show ring)
8:30       Communication Contests- Part B
10-11     Advanced Ag Products-James Caldwell Ph.D
12-1       Lunch Break
1-3        Cattle Judging
2-4      Weaver Meet and Greet
3-4        Sullivans SSU Clinic
4 PM      Cow Olympics (Grant fundraiser)
6PM       Sponsored BBQ in the Park                                                        
             Daily Awards & Activities

Thursday, June 23, 2022
7AM       Cattle in Barn
7:30       Group Photo (show ring) (t-shirt required)
9-12       Showmanship (T-shirts required)
             Adult Showmanship (Royalty Fundraiser)
12-1       Lunch Break                     
1-2         Demonstration (To be announced)
2-4         Team Fitting
4-6         Special Exhibitor & Parent event                                              
              Daily Awards & Activities

Friday, June 24, 2022
7AM       All Cattle in Barn
9-12       Pre Jr Cow/Calf Pair
           Junior Cow/Calf Pair
           Pre Jr Bred/Owned Heifer
           Junior Bred/Owned Heifer
12-1       Lunch Break
1:30       Pre Jr Prospect Steer
           Junior Prospect Steer
           Pre Jr Market Steer
           Junior Market Steer
6PM       Activities

Saturday, June 25, 2022
7AM       All Cattle in Barn
9-12       Pre Jr Bull
     Junior Bull
     Pre Jr Owned Heifer Show
12-1       Lunch Break             
1:30      Jr Owned Heifer Show

Premier Exhibitors, Citizenship Award, and other awards presented following the show. Release of cattle may begin after awards ceremony.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

12 PM    All Cattle gone from venue

Entries Open: April 1
Entries Close: May 15
Late Entries: May 16- June 1

  2022 show superintendents:

Dan Wiley, Mt Vernon OH

Kurt Hoban, Detroit Lakes MN

Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals
Announces our Judges!

Bill Toews- Burrton, KS Meet your Judge 
Duane Stephens- West Salem, IL Meet your Judge

The premium book is available now.  Be sure to watch the website for more great things to roll out!

For questions you can contact the show Superintendents or:

Justin Grady, MHBA President-

Dave Pence, MHYF President-

MHBA/MHYF Junior Nationals

MHJN Premium Book

MHJN Store

In order to provide a high-quality event each year, it takes your help.  We have opened our MHJN sponsorship store for your convenience and hope that you can assist us in putting on a memorable show for your youth!  

Your sponsorship dollars are tax deductible and will be used to promote confidence and learning skills in our youth through exhibiting their cattle and participating in the Contests available during our show in Duncan, OK.

There are camping spaces available on the Fairgrounds. To reserve your space please go to the MHJN Store.

MHJN Store

Retiring MHBA Vice-President

Thank you for your many years of service!

The time has come again for the MHBA elections. I have enjoyed my time as your Vice President.  It has been very challenging sometimes but also very rewarding. 

I will not be seeking re-election.  I appreciate you putting your trust in me as your Vice President.  I will continue to be involved with MHBA whenever possible. 



Pat Wendling

Outgoing Vice President

Help support the Scholarship program by purchasing a page in the 2023 calendar!

2023 Calendar Ads

Looking into the future...yes, it is that time of year again!  The MHYF Scholarship committee will be working on the 2023 World Miniature Hereford Calendar. We have made some new and exciting changes to the calendar that we know you will enjoy.  Currently there several calendar pages available, as well as individual days of the month so if you are interested in promoting your cattle on a full calendar ad page or just wishing someone special a happy birthday, then be sure to contact the MHYF Director of Scholarships.

Calendar Month Photo Page- $300

Photo Page w/12 calendars- $400

Days of the Month- $15 ea.

Contact Alyssa DuVal at:
to set up an ad consultation.

 The 2022 MHYF Calendars 

Close Out Sale!

$12 ea (includes postage)

The sale of these calendars provide the funds for next year's scholarships so help support our future scholars by purchasing a few!

Calendars may be purchased here Let's Shop or you can get them from anyone on the Scholarship Committee.

Alyssa DuVal

Sheryl Ericson

Andrea Trapp

A Huge Thank You to
Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals

Bent Nail Farm
McIntyre Cattle Co
Ozark Cattle Company
Perry Wiley
Trapped In Time Miniature Herefords
DuVal Farms
22 Cattle Company
Rockindlo Ranch
Dawn Pfefferle
Craig Wilpolt
Harris Show Cattle
Breeders World
Black Canyon Miniature Herefords
Rut Ranch
Rafter P Ranch
Kimberly Ferris Holmes
Arrow M Cattle
Harmon Show Cattle
KLD Miniature Herefords
J Bar W Cattle Co.
Darin Barbour
4 Wiley Farms
Joel Leusink
Abby Eldridge
TNT Mini Herefords
Willow Creek Farm
Carlee Farm
Sullivan Supply
Cherokee Ranch
CJ Design
RJ2 Dorman Cattle
Hoban Miniature Herefords
Advanced Ag Products

MHBA Election Time Is Here!!!!

The Nomination process for the MHBA/MHYF 2022 election closed March 31st.  The vetting process has begun with all nominees being contacted to see if they accept or decline their nomination. All names of those who accepted their nomination will be placed on the Official Election Ballot. This list will go to our accounting firm. The ballots will be placed in the mail on Monday May 2nd to all those who are eligible to receive them and must be returned or postmarked no later than May 31st.  If you have any questions regarding the 2022 MHBA/MHYF election process, please feel free to contact the MHBA Secretary via email. Thank You

Nominations Accepted:

MHBA Vice-President
Kurt Hoban- Bio/Picture Meet Me Here
Kevin Trapp- Bio/PictureMeet Me Here
MHBA Treasurer
Craig DeHaan-Incumbent

MHBA Region 1
Bill Moreton- Incumbent
MHBA Region 4 Director

MHBA Region 7 Director
Luke Arnold

MHYF Vice-President-
Diane Jex
Meet Me Here

Brian Moore- Bio
Meet Me Here
Billy Scott
Meet Me Here

MHYF Treasurer*special requirements
Rebecca Jeppeson

MHYF Director of Scholarships
Alyssa DuVal


MHBA Adds Market Steers to the AIME Points Program in 2022!

Be sure to get your applications in for the 2022 AIME Points program.  Applications are now available on the website. Please go to the AIME tab on the Home Page. The First show for the 2022 AIME year will be the 2022 NWSS Miniature Hereford World Show held in Denver, CO. Please send applications to

AIME Applications

Miniature Hereford Breeders Association


For detailed list of shows please go to the Event Tab and scroll to MHBA Sanctioned shows.

For detailed information regarding these shows please go 

Then click on the top right corner that says switch to list view.  This is information provided to us by the show superintendents and is updated as more information is provided. Happy showing! 

The Miniature Hereford Cattle Battle Series!

It is time to start planning your summer shows and these are a few you should put on your list!

2022 Miniature Hereford Cattle Battle Series

MHYF Apparel Store is open!

The new MHYF Director of Grants Diane Jex has started an exciting fundraiser for the Grants Division!!!  She has opened an MHYF store on SquadLocker where you are able to purchase merchandise online.  Every purchase helps the MHYF Grants Division as a small percentage of the sales will come back to help provide grants for programs, events and activities.  Everything is done online and the apparel is shipped directly to you.  The selection at this time includes short and long sleeved t-shirts, crewneck and full zipper sweatshirts, hoodies, and 1/2 zip pullovers. This is a great time to place an order and support our MHYF Grants Division!!!  If you have any questions or need any help,
please contact Diane at

SquadLocker link:  Store Link

MHBA Executive 
Officers Spotlight 

MHBA  Vice-President

Pat Wendling

Welcome to Hilltop Herefords in Halstead, Kansas. We live on a family farm that was originally purchased by Pat’s grandfather back in 1927. The farm has seen many things over the years including, old time wheat threshing, raising chickens and also registered mules. We are still raising chickens but our pride is our Horned Herefords.


MHBA Regional Director Spotlight

MHBA Region 4

Kim Kiser

I am a retired teacher with 40 year serving children, parents and community.  The best way to get to know a community is to know their children.  The same is true of MHBA.
More Here

MHYF Board Spotlight

MHYF Secretary

January Stout

More Here

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