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MHYF Grants

Director of Grants:  Diane Jex 


Grants Are Now Open

MHYF Grants are available to assist in the funding of activities and/or junior shows specific to MHBA youth and the Miniature Hereford breed.  Applicants must be MHBA members in good standing.  Grants are awarded quarterly within the first week of each quarter and are through a matching funds approach with up to $250 funded by the Grants program.

Grant funding can be requested for the following activities:

Youth Shows – ribbons, trophies, buckles, etc.

Educational – clinics, workshops, educational materials

Projects – monies toward purchase of a youth project animal, hardship assistance, disaster relief assistance.

Applications are now being accepted for consideration for monies to be awarded in early April. You can find the Grant Requirements, Review Schedule and Application Form on the MHBA website under the MHYF section.

Applications received by the end of March (quarter 1) will be reviewed and awarded in early April.  Funding is for needs in upcoming quarters only – if request is for a junior show in July, the application would need to be submitted no later than the end of June (quarter 2); if request is for an educational workshop scheduled in November, the application would need to be submitted no later than the end of September.  Grants cannot be awarded for past shows, events or activities. 

How Can You Help?

As is the case with most organization activities, your help is needed to support the MHYF Grant program. 

Here’s how you can help:

Volunteer to be on the Grant Committee.  The committee is chaired by the Director of Grants and will assist in the procurement of Grant funds, the development/maintenance of applications and criteria, the disbursement of funds and any other duties requested by the Grant Committee Chairperson

Purchase MHYF and MHBA branded items from our SquadLocker stores.  You can choose from a variety of shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and drinkware.  You place your order on line at your convenience and your purchase is sent directly to you.  You will find the store links on the MHBA website.  A small portion of each purchase benefits the MHYF Grant program.

Make a charitable donation to the Grants fund.  Every little bit helps to support the MHBA youth.  All donations are tax deductible.

 Suggest and assist with fundraising efforts. In order to continue to offer Grants, we need to generate funds throughout the year. 

If you need additional information or have questions about Grants, contact the Director of Grants -

Diane Jex (email or 970-980-4831).

MHYF Grant Application
Review Schedule

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The number of grants given will depend on the funds available and the number of applicants in a given quarter. Please see the application review schedule below.

1 st Quarter Application submissions January – March. Applications reviewed first week of April.

2 nd Quarter Application submissions April – June. Applications reviewed first week of July.

3 rd Quarter Application submissions July – September. Applications reviewed first week of October.

4 th Quarter Application submissions October – December. Applications reviewed first week of January.

Applicants should apply in the quarter prior to when funds will be needed. Funds cannot be requested for events that have already passed. 

MHYF Jr Show Report Example

MHYF Jr Show Report Template

MHYF Grants SHOW REPORT FORM 2006 paper.pdf


MHYF Apparel Store is open!

The MHYF Director of Grants Diane Jex has started an exciting fundraiser for the Grants Division!!!  She has opened an MHYF store on SquadLocker where you are able to purchase merchandise online.  Every purchase helps the MHYF Grants Division as a small percentage of the sales will come back to help provide grants for programs, events and activities.  Everything is done online and the apparel is shipped directly to you.  The selection at this time includes short and long sleeved t-shirts, crewneck and full zipper sweatshirts, hoodies, 1/2 zip pullovers and much more. This is a great time to place an order and support our MHYF Grants Division!!!  If you have any questions or need any help, please contact Diane at

Be sure to support the MHYF Grants program by purchasing items from Squadlocker!

Squadlocker Link


Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation
Grants Requirements

Applications will be reviewed quarterly within the first week of each quarter.  Applicants needing money for the next quarter should apply during the previous quarter. See Grant Application Review Schedule for additional information. The Director of Grants will be responsible for working with the MHYF Treasurer to ensure monies are distributed to recipients in accordance with the Grant committee’s requirements.   


Applicants must be a MHBA member in good standing.

  • Awarded funds will be approved for MHBA sanctioned Junior Show expenses or youth associated educational opportunities and projects only.
  • Show/Venue must be a MHBA sanctioned show to receive monies for any Junior shows.
  • Application must be completed in full and turned in to the MHYF Director of Grants. Applications not completed in full will NOT be accepted and will result in the forfeiture of any potential monies. Applicants may reapply the following quarter with a complete application.
  • Complete a follow up “report” within 30 days of the activity showing the foundation how you used the money:

o Educational – What did you learn? Was it successful?

o Project – what animal did you purchase? Plans for the upcoming year with your project?

o Shows – What were your expenses? How many other donations were received? How many youths participated in the show?

  • Projects must be Miniature Hereford breed specific.
  • Applications can be submitted each quarter until a grant is awarded. Once awarded, applicants must wait one year before submitting additional applications.
  • Grant award will not exceed $250 and monies will be on a matching rate. For Example:

o Jr. Show prizes/awards total $500. Grants may approve to give up to $250.

o Jr. Show prizes/awards total $400. Grants may approve to give up to $200.

o Youth requests the assistance in purchasing a $3,000 animal. Grants may approve to give up to $250.

o Fundraising efforts can also be matched. If applicant raises $100 for fitting workshop, Grants may approve to give up to $100.

  • A junior show report (MHBA Form #2006 – paper and Form #2007 - fill in) is required to be submitted to the MHYF Treasurer within 30 days upon the completion of the show. Report Form can be obtained from the Director of Grants. Should a report NOT be completed and submitted, any future fund requests will be denied.

Opportunities Available:

Potential activities that funds would be available for can include, but are not limited to the following:

Youth Shows –

o Awards (i.e. Ribbons, Trophies, Buckles, etc.)

Educational –

o Clinics (i.e. nutrition specialists, Weaver, Sullivan’s)

o Workshops

o Educational materials

Projects –

o Monies towards the purchase of a youth project animal

o Hardship Assistance – membership fees, entry fees, cattle care, etc.

o Disaster Relief Assistance – monies towards facilities, equipment, etc. lost in a disaster

Applicants must be a member in good standing of the MHBA.

Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation Mission:

The Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc. was established to promote youth involvement in the breeding, management, showing, and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle through developing leadership skills and educational programs, encouraging personal growth, as well as providing a pathway towards attaining grants to continue to promote Miniature Hereford breeding programs and awarding scholarships.

MHYF is a 
501(c)(3) Non-Profit

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