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  Miniature Hereford Breeders Association

Please note that all pages and forms in the MHBA Handbook may be requested from the MHBA Secretary

Regional Director Show Instruction Sheet


 All Regional Directors will be required to:

1.      Be in contact with all show superintendents in their region.

2.      Provide Open and Pre-Junior/Junior show rules and expectations policy to show superintendents of all MHBA sanctioned shows (or shows seeking sanctioned status) in their region.

3.      Provide information regarding show report forms as well as making sure that the show superintendents have filed their reports are in a timely manner (within 30 days post show).

4.      Be diligent in making sure that all MHBA sanctioned show rules are being implemented.

5.      Ensure that a show does not add or create additional rules without the knowledge and consent of the MHBA Board of Directors.

6.      Ensure that the show superintendents adhere to their allotted financial budget.

7.      Agree to and sign a Regional Director contract detailing responsibilities and duties

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