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The AIME Points Program was developed with our membership in mind.  This program will provide awards and recognition to those in the industry who strive to improve the genetic quality and performance of this breed. 

Cattle of Excellence Program
AIME (Advances In Miniature Hereford Excellence) Points Program

The purpose of the MHBA AIME Program is to recognize exceptional cattle in the Miniature Hereford breed.  These cattle are to be recognized by their individual accomplishments, not those of their sire or dam.

Awards Presented Annually:

MHBA Female of Excellence
MHBA Bull of Excellence
MHBA Prospect Steer of Excellence
MHBA Market Steer of Excellence

Location of Awards Presentation:
The presentation of MHBA Awards will occur at the Miniature Hereford Show at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in January of each year, beginning at the 2022 event.

Duration of AIME Cattle of Excellence Program:
The MHBA AIME Cattle of Excellence Program will commence at the Miniature Hereford World Show held in Denver, Colorado at the National Western Stock Show (NWSS).  The Program will be operated on an annual basis, beginning with the first recognized show at the NWSS and concluding with the last MHBA sanctioned show held prior to the subsequent NWSS event (for example, from NWSS 2021 until immediately prior to NWSS 2022).

AIME Program Administration:
The MHBA AIME Program will be planned and overseen by the MHBA Show Committee; however, all rules and Program decisions are subject to approval by the MHBA Board of Directors prior to implementation.  The MHBA Show Committee will assign one member from the committee to serve as the AIME Program Chairperson.  This AIME Program Chairperson will be responsible for maintaining records of Program applications as well as compiling, tabulating, and reporting of all points in the Program.

AIME Cattle of Excellence Program Participant Eligibility:
Paid members of the MHBA holding a Family membership level are eligible to accumulate AIME Program points, following the submission and acceptance of a Program participant application.  MHBA membership dues must be kept current at all times.  If membership lapses at any time during the program period, all points accumulated to date will be forfeited on the day that membership lapses.  Should MHBA membership lapse and said member re-joins the MHBA at a later date, a new AIME Program application can be submitted and point accumulation may restart for the remainder of the Program year (beginning with zero points since all previously accumulated points may not be reacquired).

Eligible MHBA members must provide a Program application for each animal he/she would like entered into the AIME Cattle of Excellence Program.  Applications must be received prior to the first MHBA Sanctioned, AIME participating show that the MHBA member will be participating in and during which he/she anticipates accumulating AIME points.  All applications shall be sent to the MHBA Secretary via email or post, which will then be forwarded to the current AIME Program Chairperson.  Upon receipt of a completed application, the eligible MHBA member will receive a ‘letter of acknowledgment’ from the AIME Program administrator stating that he/she has been accepted into the Program.  This ‘letter of acknowledgment’ also serves as the official notice that AIME points will begin accumulating commencing on the letter date; all subsequent shows will be tallied automatically for all eligible MHBA shows during that Program year.  AIME Program applications will be available on the MHBA website, from the MHBA Secretary, or the AIME Program Chairperson. 

AIME Program Sanctioned Show Requirements:
The AIME Program will encompass all MHBA sanctioned shows for which the respective show superintendent filed all the required MHBA AIME Program documentation.  For an event to be eligible to participate in the MHBA AIME Program, the show must be recognized as an MHBA Sanctioned show.  All MHBA National Show rules must be implemented in the event and adhered to (located in the MHBA Handbook).  All rules designated specifically for the MHBA AIME point show program must be implemented and followed.  All Show Superintendents must have a signed MHBA Show Superintendent contract on file with the MHBA Secretary.  Show Superintendents will be required to check all registration papers and tattoos for animals entered in the applicable show that are participating in the MHBA AIME Program.  Junior shows are not eligible to participate in the AIME Cattle of Excellence program. 

AIME Cattle of Excellence Program Cattle Requirements:
All cattle participating in the MHBA AIME Cattle of Excellence Program must be registered with the AHA and have the corresponding, legible registration ear tattoo that will be examined at all shows for verification.  Registration papers for each animal must be presented during check-in at all AIME participating shows.  Animals with pending or invalid registration papers will not be eligible to show and therefore points will not be tabulated for said animal.  All animals participating in this program must have both the Sire and Dam be Miniature Herefords (if entry has a standard Hereford Sire or Dam, they are not eligible to participate in this program).  Cow/Calf Pairs are not eligible to participate in this program.

  • Females entered into the program must meet all current MHBA show rules for Females.  Height may not exceed 45”.
  • Bulls entered into the program must meet all current MHBA show rules for Bulls.  Height may not exceed 48”.
  • Prospect Steers entered into the program must not exceed twelve (12) months of age.  AIME points will stop accumulating automatically when said steer reaches the maximum prospect steer age, according to MHBA National Show rules (located in the MHBA Handbook).  Height may not exceed 48”
  • Market Steers entered into the program must be at least twelve (12) months of age but not more than twenty-four (24) months of age, according to MHBA National Show rules (located in the MHBA Handbook).  Height may not exceed 48".

AIME Cattle of Excellence Program Ownership Requirements:
All animals participating in the MHBA AIME Cattle of Excellence Program must be owned or co-owned (as listed on the AHA registration paper) by a person or ranch holding a Family membership in the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association.  The animal may be owned or co-owned at the time of the AIME Program application receipt.  AIME points are transferable to new owners, if animal sale concludes prior to the end of the AIME Program year.  The new owner must be a current Family member of the MHBA and submit proof of sale (or AHA registration transfer) along with a new application to the AIME Program Chairperson prior to the next MHBA Sanctioned show in which the animal will be exhibited.  A ‘Letter of Acknowledgment’ must be received by the new owner prior to next qualifying MHBA AIME participating show. 

If co-owned by two different MHBA members or an MHBA Family membership and a youth, the animal may only participate in either the MHBA AIME Cattle of Excellence Program or the MHBA Junior AIME Animals of Excellence Program.  

AIME Cattle of Excellence Program Point System:
AIME point totals will be compiled for each individual animal (for which an AIME Program application and ‘Letter of Acknowledgement’ was received by the AIME Program chairperson and applicant, respectively) and tallied by the AIME Program Chairperson.  Animals may be entered in as many MHBA sanctioned AIME participating shows as desired; however, at the conclusion of the Program year, only the top four show results will be counted in the year-end point totals.  AIME Cattle of Excellence Program Award recipients will be determined for heifers, bulls, and prospect steers.  If an animal is sold during the Program year, accumulated AIME points are transferable when the new owner submits the required application documents.

Eligible Point Classes

Points Earned

Class Placing:         1st       










Reserve Division Champion


Division Champion


Reserve Grand Champion


Grand Champion


Total Maximum Points Available per Show


Eligible points for each animal will be tallied from the top four (4) MHBA Sanctioned AIME point shows at which the individual animal was exhibited.  Individual animals may earn a maximum of 140 points.  AIME Cattle of Excellence Program award recipients will be determined at the end of the year with the winner being the Heifer/Bull/Prospect Steer/Market Steer accumulating the highest total number of points for a given year. If there is a tie for the Awards, then the points from a fifth show will be added to break the tie between the animals of consideration. 

Participants can only receive points on an entered animal for one division.  Should a class be sub-divided, points will only be awarded to animals according to class placing, not sub-class placing.  Group classes are not included within in the AIME Program point system.

Complaint or Protest Procedure:
Anyone who seeks to file a complaint or protest regarding a perceived infraction of a program rule or sanctioned show rules must submit a fee of $500 to the MHBA Show Committee.  The Show Committee will not release the name of the individual filing the protest.  The fee will be refunded only if the protest is sustained by the MHBA Show Committee.  All complaints or protests must be made directly to the MHBA Show Committee Chairperson by the last day of the show/exhibition.

Any MHBA Cattle of Excellence AIME Program participant wishing to protest accumulated points for a given Program year must contact the AIME Program Chairperson and the MHBA Show Committee within seven (7) days of the final MHBA Sanctioned show of the award year.

MHBA Show Committee Decisions:
The decisions of the MHBA Show Committee, subject to approval of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association Board of Directors, on all issues pertaining to the MHBA AIME Program and the events at MHBA Sanctioned shows shall be final.  Please note that MHBA and AIME Program rules may change or be updated without further notice by the MHBA Board.  All updated or new rules will be posted on the MHBA website and be added to the MHBA Handbook.  The MHBA is not responsible for any accidents that may occur at a specific venue.

Exhibitor Code of Conduct:
All MHBA exhibitors, their family members and others acting on the behalf of the exhibitor including, but not limited to employees or other help, must display good sportsmanship and act in a courteous manner at all MHBA Sanctioned shows.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will be reported to the MHBA Show Committee for appropriate action, as deemed necessary.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may include, but is not limited to, physical actions, threats, or outbursts of profanity.  Committee action is not limited to the following, but may result in the exhibitor(s) found in violation to lose AIME points for a show, lose accumulated AIME points, and/or be banned from current or future participation in the MHBA AIME Program and MHBA sanctioned shows.  The decision of the MHBA Committee and/or the MHBA Board of Directors (in accordance with the MHBA By-Laws) regarding the reported unsportsmanlike conduct shall be final.

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what
you have to offer.”   R. Pitino

NOTE:  Only members that hold a Miniature Hereford Breeders Association(R)  Family Membership Level are eligible for this program

“Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of whatyou have to offer.”   R. Pitino


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