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  Miniature Hereford Breeders Association


MHBA FORM- #3000



A.    Decide which shows you wish to participate in for the year. Basic information for each show is available in the “Exhibitors Premium Book” either in paper or online at the show website. 

B.     Check all requirements, brand inspections, arrival and release times, etc.

C.     Make sure you know when entries are due so you do not miss the entry deadline.  Some entries for shows can be done online, while others must be mailed in, so allow yourself plenty of time.

D.    Start a file for each show and keep each entry form, copies of the registration papers of the cattle entered, hotel reservations, parking permits, maps, chute permits, etc. in the file so you will leave with everything you need for that particular show.

E.     Make sure you are aware of all Rules and Regulations that pertain to each show as well as those from the MHBA.

F.     Make arrangements for a fitter to clip and prepare your cattle to be shown (if needed).

G.    Make arrangements for someone to show your cattle if you do not intend to show your own.

H.    If you are new to showing/exhibiting, find a mentor to help you.  You will need to know when to put cattle on show feed, conditioning, hair growth, equipment needed, etc.

I.      Remember, if you have any questions; please contact your Regional Director or the Show Superintendent as they will be more than happy to assist you.



A.    Make sure you have all the paper work the show requires for your entries, such as health papers from the veterinarian, brand inspections if needed, and registration papers for each animal in a file or binder. Don’t forget to pack it with you when you go.

B.     Check in with the Show Superintendent when you arrive for stalling and show information.

C.     Locate power and water sources you will need to use in your stalling area.

D.    Make yourself familiar with the venue (where show office is, show arena, wash area, tie-outs (if available), etc.)

E.     Make sure to be available for assigned weights/measures time (be on time).

F.     Bring all completed paperwork needed at check-in and weights/measures.

G.    Be on time to the show ring and be prepared (have proper exhibitor number for cattle, etc)


A.    Be sure to pack all of your supplies, check wash rack, tie-outs, etc.

B.     Be sure to clean up all of your garbage (paper, wire, cans, etc.).

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