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What is the

Miniature Hereford
Youth Foundation

Often I am asked, “What is the MHYF and what does it do?” Well, the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation (MHYF), which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established in 2010 under the guidance of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association, to assist and promote our youth in their future endeavors with the Miniature Hereford breed. The Foundation was developed to help encourage our youth to participate in the breeding, raising, showing and marketing of Miniature Herefords and in doing this we hope to develop their leadership skills and encourage personal growth. The MHYF works in collaboration with the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association, dealing exclusively with youth and the junior activities.

What does the MHYF do for our youth? Well, one of the initial things that the Foundation provided for youth was a scholarship program. This division of the MHYF began with a donation heifer being auctioned off at the 2011 NWSS Miniature Hereford World show. This was the nest egg for the future Scholarship program. In order to assist in the growth and continued ability to provide scholarships, the annual Miniature Hereford World Calendar was developed. The Calendar fundraiser has ensured that there are funds available each year to provide scholarships to several applicants. Over the past years, the Scholarship division has awarded multiple scholarships to our youth. With the support of the MHBA membership and others, the Scholarship division is able to not only provide High School scholarships, but collegiate scholarships as well.  For more information on how to apply for scholarships or make contributions to this amazing opportunity to support our youth in their future education, contact the Director of Scholarships.

Another division of the MHYF deals with Grants and Junior shows. This expanding division of the Foundation includes two primary groups: Large-scale Junior Shows and small- to medium-scale Junior Shows.  The large scale Jr. Shows house their operation funds within the MHYF to utilize the non-profit status; this means that any donations/contributions made specifically to these shows are tax deductible. Currently these large-scale shows include (but are not limited to) Junior Nationals, NWSS Miniature Hereford Junior Show, and Iowa State Fair. However, not every junior show is as large as these, or necessarily needs assistance in its program.  The smaller-scaled shows have the ability to apply for Junior Show Grants that are used to help with the purchase of prizes/awards provided to the youth exhibitors at the show.  All junior shows within the MHBA are eligible to apply for Grant assistance. If you would like more information on the grant application process, or are interested in providing financial support to any of our junior shows, please contact the Director of Grants.

You may ask “How does the MHYF pay for all of these activities?”  Well the Foundation does this through your financial support! You can contribute to the MHYF endeavors through several avenues:

Ø  Sponsorships (Junior shows)

Ø  Personal Donations

Ø  Memorial Donations

Ø  Fundraising

o   Calendar Advertising (Scholarships)

o   Calendar Sales (Scholarships)

o   Apparel Sales (Grants)

o   Gift/houseware Sales (Jr shows/Grants)

Ø  Auctions

The MHYF is growing along with our youth.  As we expand, we will be able to provide many more opportunities for our youth.  If you are interested in serving as a MHYF Board member, serve on one of our committees, or have ideas for new fundraisers or activities, please contact any of the MHYF Board members.  So, with the understanding of how invaluable the MHYF can be to our youth, please continue to help the MHYF grow and flourish, especially through your financial support.  Only as a united front can we continue to provide MORE to our youth and their future!

We cannot always build the future for our youth,
 but we can build our youth for the future.
 - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation Mission:

The Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc. was established to promote youth involvement in the breeding, management, showing, and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle through developing leadership skills and educational programs, encouraging personal growth, as well as providing a pathway towards attaining grants to continue to promote Miniature Hereford breeding programs and awarding scholarships.

MHYF is a 
501(c)(3) Non-Profit

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