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1.      Must be over the age of 21 and a current Family member in good standing with the MHBA.

2.      Follow all MHBA rules and regulations first and foremost.

3.      Check with the MHBA Secretary to make sure that all exhibitors are current paid members of the MHBA prior to the day of show.

4.      Check to make sure that all cattle entered are registered with the American Hereford Association (you should be able to get a class exhibitor list from your venue so that you can go online to check entry information (tattoo of animal, registration number, date of birth, current owner) and make sure it matches what is on the entry as well as the AHA registration papers.

5.      File completed show report with the MHBA Treasurer within 30 days after the completion of the show (whether you are requesting funding or not). A completed copy must be sent to the MHBA President, Treasurer, Secretary, and your Regional Director. These reports may be made via standard mail or e-mail.

6.      Work with the show venue to implement the MHBA Show Rules.

7.      At show, superintendents shall have the right to physically check all cattle tattoos to insure that the animals tattoo matches the LE/RE tattoo numbers written on the AHA Registration paper of the animal.

8.      Measure all cattle being exhibited. Show Superintendent will follow all MHBA rules regarding measuring cattle height. Superintendents will have a committee of 2-3 people that will measure each animal that is entered to show with no exceptions.  Any Female measuring over 45” at the hip will not be allowed to show. Any Male measuring over 48” at the hip will not be allowed to show (bulls or steers). No additional rules may be implemented at any time regarding height. The final measurement announced by the weights & measure committee will be final.   Frame scores are only used as a reference and will not dictate show eligibility (at any age).

9.      Provide weights on all steers both prospect and market if scales are available. Providing weights for all other cattle exhibiting shall be at the discretion of the Show Superintendent. 

10.   Prohibit the sifting of cattle for color, structure, or frame score unless given specific permission by the current MHBA Board of Directors.

11.   Provide or make accessible all MHBA rules and regulations regarding all sanctioned shows both open and pre-junior/junior to all exhibitors.

12.   Show Superintendents must adhere to their allotted budget/funding for sponsored shows provided to the show by the MHBA. No additional expenses will be covered by the MHBA; it will be the responsibility of the Show Superintendent to acquire addition funding for prizes, premiums, etc. from sponsors or fundraising if additional funding is desired.


1- Know who your Regional Director is. (page 8 MHBA Handbook)

2- Complete, sign, and send a copy (email or snail mail) of your MHBA Show Superintendents Rules and Policy Agreement to your current MHBA Regional Director and MHBA Secretary.  If you are a show Superintendent for more than one show, you must complete this form for each show.  (MHBA Form# 2000-paper or MHBA Form#2000-fill in)

3- Read and follow MHBA Forms located in the MHBA Show Rules section of the Handbook:

Ø  MHBA Form# 1001

Ø  MHBA Form# 1002

Ø  MHBA Form# 1003

Ø  MHBA Form# 1004

Ø  MHBA Form# 1005

Ø  MHBA Form# 1006    

4- Read and follow MHBA Forms located in the MHBA Show Guidelines section of the Handbook:

Ø  MHBA Form# 2001

Ø  MHBA Form# 2002

Ø  MHBA Form# 2005

Ø  MHBA Form# 2008

5- Send exhibitor list for each show to the MHBA Membership Secretary (MHBAmembership3@gmail.com) for conformation of paid MHBA membership prior to each show.

6- Make sure that your exhibitors are aware of all the MHBA show rules and expectations, including Frame score and tattoo requirements.

7- Complete MHBA Show Report form (MHBA Form# 2006 or MHBA Form# 2007 in MHBA Handbook) at completion of your show and send a copy to your Regional Director and also include copies of your show program and official results within 30 days post show.

8- Send Show results and photos to Miniature Hereford News editor (brandeddesigns@yahoo.com)



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