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  • 21 Jul 2023 5:44 PM | Anonymous

    Not all changes can happen overnight, but we do listen to our membership. 

    The MHBA has implemented a new rule that all show cattle must have a DNA profile on file with complete parentage verification (dam and sire verification) with the American Hereford Association before show entry deadline.*

    This rule will take effect on the following dates:

    Steers - effective 1/1/2024

    Bulls - effective 1/1/2025

    Heifers - effective 1/1/2026

    *Please note that DNA verification not completed by the entry deadline for the 2024 National Western Stock Show will be accepted at check-in.  This exception only applies to the 2024 NWSS.
  • 17 Jul 2023 5:20 PM | Anonymous

    2023 MHBA-MHYF Ballots have been counted and the results are in!

    Congratulations to our new MHBA Board members!!!

    MHBA President
    Craig DeHaan
    MHBA Secretary
    Andrea Trapp

    MHBA Region 2 Director
    John Cooper
    MHBA Region 5 Director
    Leon Lamer
    MHBA Region 8 Director
    Jerry DuVal

    Congratulations to our new MHYF Board members!!!

    MHYF President
    Dave Pence
    MHYF Secretary
    Sheryl Erickson
    MHYF Director of Grants
    To be appointed

  • 1 Jul 2023 5:22 PM | Anonymous

    The 2023 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals was a huge success!  Please watch for articles written by exhibitors and Board members in the upcoming Miniature Hereford News magazine!

  • 24 Jun 2023 5:24 PM | Anonymous

    MHBA 2022-2023 Junior AIME Awards were announced at the
     2023 MHJN!

    Junior Female of Excellence

    HSC Kiels Rea 22 owned by Hudson Harris

    Junior Prospect Steer of Excellence

    HSC Hank 821  owned by Hudson Harris

    Be sure to get your applications in for the 2023-2024 Junior AIME Points program.  Applications are now available on the website. Please go to the AIME tab on the Home Page. The First show for the 2023-2024 Junior AIME program is the 2023 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals that were held in Salina, KS.  Points earned at Junior Nationals will be added to all applications submitted prior to July 15, 2023 to the AIME program Chairperson.  Please send applications to Phyllis Rutland at phyllis.rutland11@gmail.com 

  • 20 Jun 2023 5:31 PM | Anonymous

    We would like to thank our generous sponsors of the 2023 "Kickin' It In Kansas" Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals!

    MHJN Sponsors:

    Salt Creek Ranch
    Kim Kiser
    Natalie Cartwright
    David Metzger
    SEAL Livestock
    4 Moore's
    Miniature Herefords
    Providence Ranch
    Hoban Miniature Herefords
    Hat City Cattle Company
    Bent Nail Farms
    DuVal Farms
    Northrich Company
    Muddy Fork Ranch
    Rockindlo Ranch
    4 Wiley Farms
    Hilltop Cattle Co
    Wicked Cattle
    Taylor Mini Herefords
     CSK Mini's
    Scott Show Cattle
    & Mini Herefords
    Udder Tech Inc.
    CJ Designs
    Carlee Farms
    Little Giant
    DZR Designs
    Show Coat
    Willow Creek Farm

  • 1 Jun 2023 5:25 PM | Anonymous

    MHBA Royalty

    Announcing the 2023 MHBA National Royalty and Regional Ambassadors!

    National MHBA Queen--Emma Eldridge

    MHBA Princess-- Madalyn Gonzalez

    MHBA Jr Princess-- Journi Harris
    Region 3 Ambassador- Walker Wiley
    Region 4 Ambassador-- Caleb Spencer, Emma Bush
    Region 6 Ambassador-
    - Montanna Trapp

    Region 7 Ambassador--Natalie Cartwright, Bristol Pence
    Region 8 Ambassador-- Abby Eldridge

    To read more about this year's wonderful group of Royalty and Ambassadors click Here 

    Be part of this amazing group of youth and represent the Miniature Hereford breed at shows and events!

    Erin Eldridge:  cowqueen19987@gmail.com

  • 1 May 2023 5:29 PM | Anonymous

    MHYF Scholarships!!

    Announcing the 2023 MHYF Scholarship Awardees!

                    MHYF Memorial Scholarships

    Walker Wiley      
    Pepper White  
     Ann Alyse Philley

                     MHYF Collegiate Scholarship

    Emma Eldridge

    For more information contact the MHYF Director of Scholarships:
    Alyssa DuVal  duval.alyssa3@gmail.com


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